Film making has many steps, and we were excited to be part of the execution of this one.  Brewster Parsons supplied the concept, designs, modeling and final look execution. We supplied animatics, previs and animation. Here’s a short breakdown of how that worked.

The turnaround for this thing was fast – only 6 weeks!  An incredibly short time for the volume of work.

While BP nailed down the designs and concepts, they sent us the storyboards and we cut an animatic to begin to explore timing and pacing for the shots.

After the animatic was approved, we began working on the previs.  Previs is a rough version of the film – a step in between 2d, drawn storyboards, and final animation.  In this step, we begin to explore things in “real world space.”  We approximate motion and action and explore how the camera might move to tell the story.

As things progress, so does the previs.  At this stage, we have begun implementing some early designs of the characters and the animation of characters and cameras begins to progress to explore timing.  We wont take it much farther than this, in the “planning” phase – from here we transition into the “execution” phase and start refining the animation and cameras until . . .

We get to the final product.

We had a great time working on this spot and love the final results.